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If you would like to volunteer your time with us you are already a hero in the eyes of our dogs and us. We promise this will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. Complete the volunteer application. Be sure to tell us about your skills and talents so we can use you the most effectively. 


Here are some of the positions we can always use help with.




A foster home provides a dog with a safe, temporary place of refuge until they are placed in a permanent, loving, and adoptive home. We rely on a network of volunteer foster homes and we simply cannot do our work in rescue without them. Becoming a foster is easy and there is no cost or long term obligation. It is an incredibly rewarding position and so vital to our success. Visit our page on fostering for more information.


Home Checkers 


Every adoption involves a home visit with a potential family so this role is very important to us. You tell us what areas you are willing to travel to and we provide you with a handy checklist to follow.  In general, you are looking to see that the family can provide a safe environment and that the dog they are applying for is a good match. Once you have completed the home visit you will report back to us. A car is required for this position.


Travel Escort 


Planning a vacation to Puerto Vallarta Mexico and returning to Vancouver? We could use your help in escorting a dog or two home with you.  We will meet you at the airport on both sides and organize all the paperwork required by customs. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the inflight movie. Learn more about becoming a travel escort. 


Special Events and Fundraising 


Throughout the year we hold events that require volunteer assistance. Because each event is different the volunteer roles will vary. If you love planning, organizing, creating and being involved in group/team this is the role for you!


If there is something else you would like to do please give us the details in your application. 

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