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Surrendering your dog:


We understand that there are times when finding a new home for your family member is in the best interests of the dog. Dog owners who want to ensure their dog finds a loving and responsible home come to us for help because we care about the quality of homes in which we place our dogs.


We do not have a shelter, and our foster homes are usually full or need to be available for abandoned dogs, which are at the core of our rescue work. In most cases we require the surrendered dog to remain in the care of their owner until a new home is found. In some situations, and if a foster is available, we may be able to take a surrendered dog into our care.


How fast a dog can find a new home depends on their desirability, age, health, size, temperament and behaviour. We can manage dogs with minor behavioural issues, but if your dog has serious behaviour issues (such as aggression) we will require a written assessment from a certified canine behaviourist before we agree to rehome the dog.


If you would like to surrender your dog to us, please fill out the form below and email us photos.