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  • Do I need to fill out an application to adopt
    Yes, all our adoptions start with applications, this allows us to know you better and match dogs with people/families
  • Are you a shelter?
    No, we rescue our own dogs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico working along with our sister group, EVA Enlace Animal AC. We work together but as we are in two countries we are set up as 2 different charities. Our dogs live with our foster families and have a family experience after rescue, they are able to socialze with other dogs, cats, children, adults and are treated as family
  • Are your dogs vaccinated and sterilized
    Yes, all our dogs are fully vaccinated with the required vaccines in addition, we provide kennel cough and Giardia vaccines. All dogs are spayed/nuetered as well. As we rescue our own dogs and work with our vet, we are able to control all medical processes and understand their health and treatments from rescue day. All dogs as well have a pre flight check up to ensure they are safe to travel
  • If a dog is in Vancouver in a foster home, can I go meet them before applying?"
    No, We follow our adoption procedure and the application allows us to see if there is a potential match first. We receive many requests asking to go to meet dogs at foster homes and we have to respect their time and privacy.
  • How often do you fly dogs from Puerto Vallarta to Vancouver
    As often as we can, high season for travel is between Nov 1 and April 30th, we try and fly ourselves as often as we can and mainly rely on vacationers who offer to accompany dogs back home with them. There's no consistent flight schedule, we do our best to get as many dogs here.
  • Can I volunteer to bring dogs back to Vancouver if I'm in Puerto Vallarta?
    Absolutely, We rely on these kind gestures and you would be changing a dogs life. We would get your flight info and contact the airline to reserve space for the dog(s), we take care of all the paper work and meet you at the airport to get the dogs checked in. When you arrive at YVR, we are there to do the CBSA paperwork and pay the inspection fees.
  • Do you offer guidance to adopters once the dog arrives?
    Yes absolutely, we are here to prepare you for what to expect and help you through the transition period. We have a trainer avaialable for guidance as well. If you adopt from us, we've gone through the process with you, matched a dog with you and we want to make sure it's a great experience. Our dogs are family to us and treated as such.
  • Are you a registered Canadian charity?
    Yes we are, our registered charity number is 741388284RR0001
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