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Giving back to the communities we are involved in and the people we work with is an important part of who we are.


Although so many animals are in need of help near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where our dogs are rescued, there are many people who give so much of themselves to help these dogs have a chance to live the lives they deserve to have, here in Vancouver, Canada.

The impact these dogs have on our lives in both Puerto Vallarta and Vancouver is immense, the joy, companionship and unconditional love shown to all of us makes our lives much better.

Our goal has been to find ways to give back in honour of the all the people involved and of course the dogs. In neighborhoods and surrounding areas we rescue in, we have sponsored free spay/neuter clinics so that everyone has the chance to have their own pet or rescue access to vet care.

In Vancouver, we have chosen to donate trees to be planted by a re-forestation organization who will plant in areas of BC affected by wildfires and diseases. Each adoption will be honored with the living tribute of trees donated in their name which will have a long lasting affect on protecting habitat for biodiversity. A fitting honour we believe.

Here are the names of the dogs who have had trees donated in their name: Rider, Afrika, Ojitos, Muneca, Mina, Nina, Maru, Teddy, Pularcito, Chiquilin, Kika, Canela, Inna, Noel, Liam, Harley, Diego, Daisy, Molly, Charlie

About A Dog Rescue Society Tree planting
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Spaye/Neuter clinics

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