Our Mission


To rescue as many dogs as possible from homelessness and suffering. To find each one a warm and wonderful forever home.

Who we are


We are a small group of volunteers with big hearts that hope to make a difference for as many dogs as we can.


If you would like to help us please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


About A Dog Rescue Society was started in October 2018 by Mike Edwards, Lisa McElheran and Dog Behaviorist Monika Herzig. We have worked together previously to rescue and rehome dogs and decided to take our passion and create a non profit.


Our dogs come from various backgrounds, some as simple as owner surrenders, and others coming from situations of neglect and abandonment. We work alongside an amazing rescue group in Puerto Vallarta Mexico called Eva Enlace Vida Animal AC. EVA was started by 2 sisters Josefina and Leonora Naya, all of us had worked together previously helping dogs and as our vision and ideals were the same it was time to bring everyone together. We are two separate charities in our respective countries but work together closely sharing our passions to help animals in need.

We are 100% non-profit registered Canadian Charity and rely solely on donations. Every penny raised goes straight to the dogs. We do not have a shelter so we rely on a small group of wonderful volunteers and foster families to care for our dogs, conduct home visits, spread the word, and help us organize events.


We are a ethical, honest and transparent rescue, we would be happy to answer any and all of your questions about our dogs or how donations are spent.


About Our Dogs

Our dogs are rescued in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, rescuing our own dogs allows us to understand their needs immediately. We work with one veterinary clinic and so we know who treats them and can have a consistent health protocol.

We have a wonderful group of families who open their homes to foster the dogs, this allows us to socialize them with other dogs, cats and spend time with many people including children. The rescue phase of the dogs lives are able to be spent in a home with the love and care of a family. This is how we get to know our dogs so well and understand their needs, wants, personality which helps us match adopting families with them. It's very important that it's the best fit for everyone.

In Vancouver we have amazing fosters and adopters who want to give another dog an opportunity to have a family like was done for their dog, open their homes and help their transition from Puerto Vallarta to Vancouver while we find the perfect family.  

Not all dogs rescued will come to Vancouver, many are unable to fly due to age, health or sadly some are too sick and don't survive but they do deserve rescue, care and a chance.  Some dogs will have families in Puerto Vallarta and those that are healthy and socialized will come to Vancouver. All our dogs are family to us and deserve amazing lives in either city.


All dogs are spayed/neutered, blood tested, treated for parasites, Kennel Cough, Giardia and vaccinated prior to adoption.


If you are interested in giving one of our dogs a forever home please look at our available dogs page. 

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