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July Newsletter, What's new and FAQ

Where is Valle Dorado?

We often mention Valle Dorado and how it's the place where so many of the dogs are rescued and cared for. It's in the state of Nayarit in the municipality of Bahía de Banderas.

15 km from Puerto Vallarta

This is simply a neighborhood where Josefina Naya (EVA Enlace Vida Animal AC) lives as well as some of our fosters. The community over the years has joined in and started to help out with rescuing and fostering the dogs.

As we operate in Canada and Mexico we are set up as 2 separate charities and Josefina, Mike, Lisa all met each other while helping dogs in Puerto Vallarta

How Many Dogs are we currently caring for?

We now have 46 dogs enjoying rescue life in Puerto Vallarta. Puppies to seniors, many waiting for their chance to come to Vancouver to find forever families

When we will be able to fly dogs to Vancouver?

Due to airline restrictions, at this moment, flights where we can bring multiple dogs will start Nov 1 and we already have 2 flights booked. Our only option until then is one airline who only allows dogs to travel in cabin ( 1 dog per traveler), we will fly down in Aug to bring 1 lucky dog back.

Vancouver Pet Photography 2021 Calendar for About A Dog Rescue Society


Just for $99 you’ll get a professional pet photo session with Vancouver Pet Photography (valued at $250), your dog featured as a “Pet of the Month” in the calendar and a copy of the Calendar.50% of the registration fee is donated straight back to the animal rescue.The Calendars will be professionally designed and beautifully printed right here in Canada. They will be launched and available for purchase in mid-September for $20 including the delivery in case you want to get extra copies for your family and friends.Only 2 spots are left, so don’t miss out!

Fifi's Pups have been named!

Thanks to everyone who named, Punto, Bonnie, Henry, Lobita, Snax, Cashew and Queso.

Mom and pups are doing great!

Meet Mari

As we are not a shelter, the dogs have to live somewhere. We have an amazing group of people who open their homes and let the dogs live in a family environment. Mari, her husband and children, rescue, care for and give a home so that they have a chance to come to Vancouver.

It's not just dogs, she has rescued abandoned newborn kittens, birds, a chicken and a duck and they are all welcomed into the family as everyone deserves their rescue day.

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